All adhere to the strictest regulations, sourced from UK suppliers.  Children’s products contain allergen free fragrances, so are safe for delicate skin.  However, it should be noted that none of our products should be used on children under the age of 3,

You can use the links below to see the ingredients listings for our products, including the allergens which are legally required to be declared.  Please note that not all allergens may be included in the listings.  The legal requirements are that all allergens which are present at a concentration greater than 0.01% in a rinse off product (soap, shower gel, shampoo, etc) or 0.001% in  leave on product (bath salts, bath bombs, lip balms, etc) must be declared on the product label.  Please contact us if you’re concerned about particular allergens, stating the product(s) you’re interested in and we’ll tell you whether these are present, and if so, at what concentration.

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